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At APEX Mortgage Consultants we assess your current home loan and assist with the whole refinancing process. As well as providing a benchmark against which to compare other offers, by putting ourselves in your shoes and thinking about what you like and don’t like about how your loan. We investigate the following when determining refinancing your loan:

  • Keeping the strengths. There may be things you like about your current lender –perhaps they offer a great online experience, or you like being able to access physical banks. We ensure that we do not substitute these, and aim to keep these strengths
  • Compare rates. We compare your current rate with over 36 lenders to ensure that we can provide you with a better rate then what you are currently on. This assists us to save you some money along the way, and we also use this as a negotiate tool with the lenders.
  • Know the types of interest.  We ensure that we educate you on the advantages and disadvantages with the different types of loans with the aim of providing the best advice.
  • Understand the options. You may wish to consolidate debt or access some of the equity you currently have in your home. At APEX Mortgage Consultants we aim to assist in understanding your needs and meeting all your expectations.

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